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If you are here, it is because you want to take back control of your health and well-being ...


My approach is to have holistic understanding of the individual as a whole:  physical, mental, emotional and energetic. Y


our body has the potential to find the solutions to heal itself in many way. Stimulating it, can sometimes be enough, but changing one’s lifestyle can also be beneficial in improving your well-being.


I can accompany and advise you on this path in order to assist you in relieving your pain and follow your path to finding better health.​








Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy that supports and strengthens the body's natural ability to heal and balance itself. This complete treatment acts on the whole person but also on the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects by helping to relax the mind.

Yoga is a wonderful preventative therapeutic tool that can relieve many ailments. 


I guide you through this practice in order to help you find a balance between both mind and body.


The benefits of cold have been proven. If you want to strengthen your immune system, your mental strength and learn how to better manage your pain, this experience is for you! I suggest you experience it in order to reveal your full potential.​




The Himalayas are my country of heart.


I suggest you make you discover it off the beaten track, in immersion for a unique stay between healing, spirituality, self-discovery in a place out of time ...







Explorer at heart, my journey is marked by travels and encounters, especially in Asia, a culture that fascinates me.


I have always had a deep admiration for Eastern wisdom and the various disciplines that go with it.


After working in a physically and mentally demanding profession, I went in search of therapies that could provide relief.







 Spring Spiritual* Retreat "Yoga & Hiking in Swiss Mountains"​

Join us for a long weekend to put yourself back at the center of your priorities and take care of yourself ..." Enjoy unspoiled natural surroundings, healthy food and teachings from yoga and other Asian practices. We will practice yoga (beginners accepted), pranayama, various meditation practices, conscious walking, zen stretching .... Required: be in good physical condition and be able to walk 4 to 5 hours in the mountains with altitude difference * SPIRITUALITY (definition): Quest for meaning, hope and liberationConnect to oneself, to nature and to the UniverseSearch for self-knowledge and the path to a satisfying life ... -Note: This retreat has no religious connotations- Practical :  Dates : 23- 27 June 2022Participation : from 480€/ pers all inclusive  > Register ​

 Initiation weekend to cold therapy in the Vosges​

Do you want to get your health back in hand? Use the force of cold as therapy! If, like me, you want to be happy, strong and healthy, and if you want to be able to accomplish and live fully the things that really matter in your life, then this is the trip for you! The many benefits of cold therapy are: Increase your energy, train your nervous system to become more adaptable, develop your concentration skills, easily enter a meditative state, strengthen your mind and better manage fears, optimize your hormonal and immune functioning, strengthen your cardiovascular system, help better manage your pain, natural anti-inflammatory ... The course will consist of: conscious walking in the forest, breathing exercises, zen stretching, yoga exercises, exposure to cold, discovery of Russian massage. Practical :  Dates : 26 & 27 March 2022Participation: 100€/ pers + accommodation and meals costs extra > Register ​

 Advanced workshop "Cold therapy" in the Vosges​

Course accessible only to people who have already practiced cold therapy This course will allow you to enter into a progressive and more intense practice to learn how to make cold your best “health” ally ... 3 days and 2 nights course. Practical :  Dates : winter 2022Participation : to be announced  > Register ​


Shiatsu Therapy