Shiatsu Therapy


Initiation weekend to cold therapy in the Vosges​

Do you want to get your health back in hand?


Use the force of cold as therapy!


If, like me, you want to be happy, strong and healthy, and if you want to be able to accomplish and live fully the things that really matter in your life, then this is the trip for you!


The many benefits of cold therapy are: Increase your energy, train your nervous system to become more adaptable, develop your concentration skills, easily enter a meditative state, strengthen your mind and better manage fears, optimize your hormonal and immune functioning, strengthen your cardiovascular system, help better manage your pain, natural anti-inflammatory ...


The course will consist of: conscious walking in the forest, breathing exercises, zen stretching, yoga exercises, exposure to cold, discovery of Russian massage.


  • Dates : 26 & 27 March 2022
  • Participation: 100€/ pers + accommodation and meals costs extra


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